If you’re thinking about selling your Simi Valley or Thousand Oaks home, there are a variety of things you can do to help move the process along. While every housing market is different, sellers can quickly learn the ropes of selling by working with a competent real estate agent. At American Dream Realty, our certified selling and listing agents have been serving the California community for over 17 years and we would love to help you sell your home. If you need assistance putting your home or condominium on the market, contact our knowledgeable agents today! In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best things to consider when it comes to selling your home, so you can be well prepared when the “For Sale” sign goes up.

Clean Up Clutter

Before you list your home on popular real estate websites, it’s imperative to remove all clutter before showing it to potential homebuyers. Whether you remove some of your furniture to make the space look bigger or you stow away unnecessary personal items, there are many ways to make your home more appealing to buyers. Most home selling experts would agree that the most important step to a successful listing is to emotionally separate your house from the objects in it. When you let go of the emotional connections that you have with items such as family photographs and religious pieces, it will help make you more objective about any changes your real estate agent recommends.

Don’t Forget: Fireplace mantels, foyer tables, and refrigerator doors are popular display spots for personal items such as holiday cards and children’s artwork. Be sure to clear off these spots before a showing!

Make Your Home Sparkle

While cleaning may seem like an obvious thing to do before showing your home to potential buyers, you’d be surprised how many people forget this important step. Investing in a professional cleaning crew is a great way to get this task done quickly and efficiently, however there’s no harm in trying to make your home sparkle yourself. From steaming your carpets to mopping your floors and wiping down windows, there are many areas of your home that could probably use a good scrub. Don’t forget about the small details as well, such as crumbs on the table from breakfast or toothpaste remnants in the sink. For an added spa-like appeal, consider swapping out all of your bathroom towels for fresh ones before a showing.

Don’t Forget: When a real estate agents comes to your home with potential homebuyers, they’ll want to touch things like stair banisters, hand rails, and anything else that may have an inviting texture. Make sure to wipe these surfaces down as well!

Improve Traffic Flow

It’s easy for homeowners to become desensitized to what their possessions look like and where furniture is placed in their home. When you work with a certified real estate agent to sell your California home, they’ll be able to recommend the best furniture adjustments in order to appeal to more buyers. If the traffic flow in your home feels cluttered or stagnant, people may be turned off by your maze of a floorplan. When you work with the listing agents at American Dream Realty, we’ll conduct a thorough walkthrough of your home and make any necessary recommendations we feel would help the selling process. Contact our real estate agents to learn more about our services!

Don’t Forget: Having too little furniture can be just as bad as having too much. If you have a tiny couch in a large family room, buyers might worry that they’ll never be able to furnish the whole space. On the other hand, a couch that is too large can make your family room feel much smaller than it actually is. If needed, repurpose furniture and pieces from other rooms in your home.

Get Real About Pricing Your Home

Today’s buyers are very educated about the current condition of the California real estate market, so it’s important to work with your listing agent on pricing your home appropriately. In order to make your home more competitive, ask your broker or real estate agent to get the sales prices of the three most similar homes that have sold in your neighborhood. If you need assistance selling your home, contact American Dream Realty today!